DIY Perpetual Calendar

We go through this phase every year. Investing in planners, diaries, and calendars. And we use them for the first quarter of the year and slowly it gathers dust, goes hiding, and then ends up as a kid’s scribble pad a hundred years later.

Maybe that will change if you have *wait for it*, the perpetual calendar! Wait, we’ll say it a gain with drum roll, *drum roll*, THE PERPETUAL CALENDAR!

It’s a super DIY that’s functional, forever, and here’s the cherry, it uses chalkboard paint! Can we have a woo-hoo?

So this is what you will need:

  • Wooden chopping/cutting board
  • Black chalkboard paint
  • Another colour crylic paint.
  • Number stickers (medium size)
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint brushes (one big brush and a finer brush for details)
  • Paint tray
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eyebrow tweezers
  • Chalk

Okay that’s a long list we know. But this is something that is going to last forever. Imagine your grand grand grand kid auctioning it on ebay 5.0 for millions. Yeah, it can happen. So leave your signature on it after you are done. Most people get super famous after they die anyways.


Step 1:

Prepare your board by cleaning and sanding to provide a smooth painting surface. If you are buying a new board, this step might not be necessary.

Step 2:

Ooh, we forgot. Put on some old work clothes. It can get messy.

Step 3:

Divide the board into four main horizontal zones. The first zone on top will be used for the month, the second for the days of the week, the third, which is the biggest one, for the numbers of the dates (1 to 31) and the fourth zone at the bottom will serve for taking notes.

Step 4:

Paint the third zone in a pastel colour of your choice.

Step 5:

Divide painted zone into squares for the different days. Don’t be caveman here. Use a ruler.

Step 6:

Add sticker numbers.

Step 7:

Paint it black. Use the big brush here. Allow the front to dry before you paint the sides. And yes, paint the back portion as well, because we can have a lot of fun there too.

Step 8:

Now use the tweezers and remove the number stickers. Ta-dah! It’s okay if some of the paint comes off, it will look rustic and awesome!

Step 9:

Get your chalk, write the month, the days of the week, and of course everything else you want to remember this month!

Step 10:

So what are you going to do on the other side? Lists, lists, and lists. Flip it and write all your to-dos, to-buys, to-slaps over there. So you can carry this around to your home office, kitchen, studio and never forget anything. How awesome is this DIY!

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DIY Book Safe

We all have our secrets. Secrets to weight loss. Bestie gossip that you will take to the grave. Secret junk stash to counter the weight loss. And secret hangouts where you coochie coo with the boy.

We have made something adorable for you to hide all your secrets. Whatever fits in a square foot, at least. Just turn an old book around to create your own stash safe.

Things you will need:

  • Hard cover Book (something you and anyone else you know refuse to read)
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Knife / blade
  • Secrets


Step 1:

Pin the first few pages (front and rear) and weigh the rest of the pages down so they don’t move.

Step 2:

Glue the outer edges of the pages together with a brush to ensure that the pages don’t move when you cut them out later on.

Step 3:

Weigh down the book so the wet pages don’t wrinkle and swell. If you have a kid in the house that needs time out, plop him or her on top of the book for a few hours. Bwaahaha!

Step 4:

After a couple of hours, put on a second coat of glue and let it dry overnight. Yes, you need to be patient.

Step 5:

To cut out the cavity, use a metal ruler to make straight cuts with a knife. Or a blade. After you’ve cut fifty pages or so, you can stop using the ruler. This is tiring work, but you have to take your time or else the cuts will become uneven and messy. You can count on using up an hour to complete this. So put Grey’s Anatomy on.

Step 6:

Once the cavity is cut out and you’ve cleaned up the edges with the blade, it’s time to glue again. Mix another batch of the glue/water mixture. Brush the glue all over the inner pages.

Step 7:

The glue will hide most of your imperfections when it dries. Put on a thick coat and place the wax paper between the glued pages and the clean pages/front cover. Let it dry overnight under a heavy weight, just like before.

Step 8:

Now it’s time to fill ‘er up. Use it to hide your secret identity.

Or your ‘back pack to Europe’ fund.


Hide your favourite things from your sister.


Help your roomie stick to her diet. The more junk you eat, the less there is for others. :D

And of course, sneak precious love notes in before you get busted at home.

What would you hide in your safe?

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ShufflePourri How-to

Hello happy artists!

Isn’t it exciting when you start something new, and something that is as fun as a bead pourri party? To address all doubts, questions, and to save anyone from any awkward questions, we are spilling our beads here. (And with that, we reach our bad pun quota for the day.)

What is it really? 

An artist’s dream pajama party to meet other artists and design and create gorgeous earrings together.

Who can participate?

(*) All ItsHandMade artists, beginner to expert level, who work with beaded, wire wrapped, seed bead, paper quilling, terracotta, lace, crochet and anything else really. We are nice that way.

(*) Participants must adhere to due-dates and be ready to bear shipment of your beads within India.


How do I participate?

(*) If you are interested in participating, please fill your details by May 24th, in this form.

(*) We will acknowledge your registration, and send you the ShufflePourri badge which you can display on your blog and Facebook page.

(*) Put your beads together and click a photo to share on your Facebook timeline and the ItsHandMade page

(*) Pack them safely, keep it ready to ship out and wait for your party pair’s address

(*) Your party pair will be announced on 27th May, 2013 and you will have two weeks to exchange and make this piece of jewellery

What do I send?

(*) Share your beads pourri to make one pretty pair of earrings. It’s time to mix and match, use beads from your stash, a few of paper quilled  and a few terracotta. Let your creative juices overflow, Show us the hybrid.

(*) Write a sweet note for your party pair. Because it is good behaviour. Hasn’t your mommy told you?

Please note: 

(*) Bead mixes should be enough to make one pair of earrings.

(*) Do send beads that are ready-to-assemble.

(*) If quilled, make sure they can be assembled by a non quilling artist.

(*) Include findings too – eye pins, headpin, jump rings, jewelry wire and so on.

What happens then?

(*) You share pictures of your bead pourri with us. And the tracking details of the shipped bead-soup.

(*) Get crafty busy when you receive yours. Wiggle wiggle wiggle.

(*) Send us a picture of your finished creation. We will reveal it along with your party pair’s creation together on Facebook.

(*) Time to get excited! Wheeeee!!!

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DIY Mirrored Collars

If you love attention as much as we do, then this craft is for you. And with the sun at its beamest (you know what we mean), this craft is going to shine.

We all love mirrors, and we have been spotting some pretty cool fashion accessories with broken mirror. And we were kicked out of our doll shorts  when we realised it’s totally doable with old CDs.

This is what you will need

*1* Collar shirt

*2* An old CD

*3* Basin/container that can fit in a CD (this will have to be thrown later, so don’t pull omething from your mom’s kitchen.)

*4* A stick (chopstick/pencil)

*5* Scissors

*6* Glueeeeeeee


Step 1: Place the CD in the container and pour boiling water.

Step 2: Go watch a Youtube cat video, this will take two minutes or so.

Step 3: Remove the CD from the container with the help of a stick.

Step 4: You should now be able to split the CD into two layers. Keep the reflective side.

Step 5: Cut the CD into angular shapes as you like. Smaller the better, we feel.

Step 6: When you are happy with what you have, glue them onto the collar. Lalalalallalaa~

Shine shine shine!


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DIY Birthday Emergency Kit

No matter the age, we love our birthdays. We like to feel special, we enjoy the attention, and at some point we all feel like a kid. Right before the tiny little moment of reflection hits us.  Where did that year go?

And it happens to all of us. That tiny little voice wishing to go back to the younger days. Well, that’s why we have this amazing emergency kit that will cheer any birthday girl up.

You first need an awesome box to put all the stuff in. Everyone likes to see a big gift wrapped box. So make it big. But not too big that she is crushed when she opens it and finds 5  teeny things.

First, let’s make a list of the top priority things.

*1* A makeover.

*2* A bubble bath

*3* A no-reason reason to dress up

*4* A slumber party

*5* A drink

There, we have our priorities sorted. Now let’s go shopping!

This gorgeous boho bib necklace from Xx Syndrome is the perfect accessory for an instant makeover. It isn’t a drastic measure makeover. Just a little pick-me-up to glam up a simple tee or tunic.

Bubble baths is the ultimate pamper-me gift. To relax and unwind, and forget about your pseudo-old-age worries. Some candles, a soap, and a glass of bubbly is all you need to blow that away. Our pick are these delicious looking soaps from Envoy, and seductive vanilla from Do Bandar.

We love love love this store. Mosaic Fashion accessories. They are original, colourful, and what we like to call, a glam slap in the face. We are torn for choice here, but these two are our favourite. The neon pop pendant and the leaf handcuff  that we have tested with every possible outfit in the wardrobe and it’s a match!

What we love the most about slumber parties besides the gossip is the cute pjs and shorts you can show off. Hilarious designs, adorable cuts, like these dream a dream shorts. So the next time you pick up a pair of adorable bed shorts that you can’t wait to show off, throw a slumber party with your besties. And that one girl who hates your guts. Unless you think she has cuter shorts than yours.

And if all else fails, just have a drink. Or better, knock some shots down.


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DIY Embellished glasses

Sometimes you just need to make something just for fun. When we came across these cheap frames at this local novelty store, it was an instant glam light bulb moment. We grabbed them all and decided to make a day off it.

You will need

  • Frames
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Sequins
  • Feathers
  • Beads
  • And whatever else you can think of

This one is so simple that we feel rather ridiculous to put down instructions. But here goes anyways.
Glue the glasses, and then apply the stuff you want to. Glitter, beads, sequins, feathers, and so on. Do your hair while you wait for it to dry and ta-dah! 

Teensy tip: If you are doing one with just glitter, apply a coat of clear nail polish for a better finish.

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DIY Candles in Seashells

Who here doesn’t like to pick up shells at the beach? We may not be all as crafty as Madame She Sells , but we know a trick or two when it comes to sea shells.


You may have noticed we have a thing for candles. Guilty! If we see any candle potential in anything around us, we try it. You will love this one, especially if you are planning a summer beach party soon.

This is what you will need:

  • Seashells
  • Bleach
  • Water
  • Wax
  • Wicks
  • Fevibond

(1)  Clean seashells in a diluted solution of bleach and water. Leave shells to dry.

(2) Melt wax in top of a double boiler. (You can also take an old candle and melt in a microwave.

(3) Carefully stick wicks with holders at the bottom of shells.

(4) After wax has melted, pour into shells until they are almost full.

(5) Give it 20 – 30 minutes for it to cool completely and harden throughout.

Now imagine this at your place, as part of  your dinner table setting, it is going to look awesome! Throw a sea food themed dinner, won’t you?

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DIY Flip Flop Makeover

Ah! Summer. Butterflies and bright colours. Sticky popsicles and wavy beach hair. Eensy teensy shorts and a bag full of flip flops. Gotta love everything about this season. Minus the sun burnt nose.

So we dusted off an old pair, gathered a box full of knick knacks and decided to give our feet a summer make over.

* Pair of plain flip flops / flats

* Feathers. Buttons. Lace. And other embellishments.

* Glue mixed with love

* Thread / Needle

There really are no instructions here.

(1) Just place ‘em how you like ‘em. We used glue. But you can sew them on tight depending on the embellishment you are using.

(2) Try them on. Do a little dance in front of the miror. Check them out from every angle.

(3) Take a picture and whatsapp it to your bestie.

(4) Make sure it’s glued on right. Let it dry.

(5) Do not go over board. That last feather will make them go from funky to caught-in-a-bird-fighty

There you go! Set for two months of beaches and cocktails.


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DIY Vinyl Record Clock

Here’s a way to brag just how big a fan you are of *drop your favourite brand name here*. And if your girlfriend is whining about all the records taking space, it is also a recycling DIY ftw!

This is what you will need.

- 1 old electric clock. You could also buy an electric clock movement
- Screwdriver
- Pliers or adjustable wrench
- Vinyl Record

1. If you are using an old electric clock. Take it apart to get the hands and the movement. We picked one up on Avenue Road. Why break up a perfectly good clock (yes, our moms didn’t let us).

2. Insert the movement into the record and secure with the nut.

3. Place the hands on. You can choose to paint them if you like. We left it as is, but you can go on a sugar high and go wild.

4. Now just put the battery in and enjoy!

So cool, isn’t it? Makes a nice gift too.

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DIY Jewellery Branch

We are all hoarders. We pick up trinkets from everywhere and anywhere. And we wear it everywhere when it’s new and then it gets lost in all the clutter. Gather’s dust until its forgotten. Or when an emergency need-to-impress date comes up. We have tried ziplock bags, and drawers, and jewellery boxes. But they always find a way to get attracted to each other and get tangled head over hooks.

We have a pretty (and cheap) solution to that. It wil involve taking a nice walk in the neighbourhood park.  And that’s pretty much it. Are you with us?

This is what you need

(1) Find a suitable branch. One that is already cut preferably.

(2) Mark where your nails should go with a light marker. We kept them 2 inches apart.

(3) Nail them into place making sure your nail head is at a slight upward angle so the necklaces don’t slide off after it is hung. Make sure you have room for your bulkier jewellery.

(4) Nail them about halfway in so there’s enough room to hang the necklaces.

(5) Take the rope and tie a knot tightly on both ends.

(6) Hang two nails on the wall on a straight line to slide the rope over. Keep it at a height that when you hang the branch its at a level easy for you to grab your jewellery.

(7) Add all your pretty jewellery. And ta-dah! Instant wall makeover and jewellery de-clutter in one.

Note: We kept the branch as is because it had some character to it. So when you pick your branch, choose the one with little imperfections that will make it beautiful. You can dress up your branch or the rope in any way you like. Maybe a bright coloured crepe paper, or some paint markings. Go crazy!






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