DIY Book Photo Holder

Everyone loves books. If you don’t read them, people love to collect them. Stack them up pretty in shelves, on nightstands, in the toilet. And if you look at your collection, you will find at least a dozen books you have never read, or never intend to. Well, we do have a craft to make those books useful. Don’t panic, they do not involve ripping ‘em apart. Just some gentle folding. With love.

Step 1: Find the book

Step 2: Find the middle page and open wide. Put some music on, this will take a while.

Step 3: Fold each page by half, and tuck it in to the fold. Maybe you should put Friends reruns on to distract you.

Step 4. Keep going, until it looks like this.

Step 5: Ta-dah! You can use this to display photographs, or hold business cards. Or leave it on the nightstand and leave happy morning thoughts for your loved ones.

Go find that dusty book now, and do this over the weekend. Don’t forget to send us pictures. Happy folding!

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