ShufflePourri How-to

Hello happy artists!

Isn’t it exciting when you start something new, and something that is as fun as a bead pourri party? To address all doubts, questions, and to save anyone from any awkward questions, we are spilling our beads here. (And with that, we reach our bad pun quota for the day.)

What is it really? 

An artist’s dream pajama party to meet other artists and design and create gorgeous earrings together.

Who can participate?

(*) All ItsHandMade artists, beginner to expert level, who work with beaded, wire wrapped, seed bead, paper quilling, terracotta, lace, crochet and anything else really. We are nice that way.

(*) Participants must adhere to due-dates and be ready to bear shipment of your beads within India.


How do I participate?

(*) If you are interested in participating, please fill your details by May 24th, in this form.

(*) We will acknowledge your registration, and send you the ShufflePourri badge which you can display on your blog and Facebook page.

(*) Put your beads together and click a photo to share on your Facebook timeline and the ItsHandMade page

(*) Pack them safely, keep it ready to ship out and wait for your party pair’s address

(*) Your party pair will be announced on 27th May, 2013 and you will have two weeks to exchange and make this piece of jewellery

What do I send?

(*) Share your beads pourri to make one pretty pair of earrings. It’s time to mix and match, use beads from your stash, a few of paper quilled  and a few terracotta. Let your creative juices overflow, Show us the hybrid.

(*) Write a sweet note for your party pair. Because it is good behaviour. Hasn’t your mommy told you?

Please note: 

(*) Bead mixes should be enough to make one pair of earrings.

(*) Do send beads that are ready-to-assemble.

(*) If quilled, make sure they can be assembled by a non quilling artist.

(*) Include findings too – eye pins, headpin, jump rings, jewelry wire and so on.

What happens then?

(*) You share pictures of your bead pourri with us. And the tracking details of the shipped bead-soup.

(*) Get crafty busy when you receive yours. Wiggle wiggle wiggle.

(*) Send us a picture of your finished creation. We will reveal it along with your party pair’s creation together on Facebook.

(*) Time to get excited! Wheeeee!!!

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3 Responses to ShufflePourri How-to

  1. Silky N Gupta says:

    I am not able to fill up the form for ShufflePourri. Its not opening for me. Please let me know how should i go about it? I am interested to participate.

  2. Sonia Ganti says:

    Amazing ideas you guys get…Such fun!

  3. Sarojini Arunachal says:

    Very excited about this idea. & more excited when it comes to think of how another person would use beads that we like & love.
    Happy to be part of this.

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