Two Material Girls and a Mango Crate

How awesome it is when we come across people after our own hearts. The feeling is no different than the spinach rush in Popeye’s biceps. Meet The Material Girls. Born out of the “humph! I could make that at home” ideology, Meera and Purvi are two heads full of frazillion DIY ideas. A funky copywriter-publicist duo that loves putting ideas together and creating original, stylish pieces in fashion, home décor, and just about anything creative. 

What’s your story?

We love patterns, colours and all things stylish and vintage. We love putting together unique combination to create brand new ideas. Be it making a memorable gift for loved ones or something funky for ourselves. When in doubt, we always DIY! 

Do you sell any of your creations or does your house look like a magical lalaland?

We sometimes sell to friends who are particularly persistent. We have just started the blog. Watch this space for more. 

What handmade creation have you seen, that you think might be tough to DIY?

We would love to try our hand at carpentry related DIY. Turning furniture around without needing a carpenter for instance.

Your favourite project yet?

Every project is a favourite since we put in loads of effort into the thinking, creating, shooting and writing. Hard to pick really.

With the mango season in the air, they have the perfect DIY that is as mouth watering as the mangoes themselves. 

How To Make The Mango Crate Bookshelf:

Step 1:

Request your local fruit seller to part with his Mango crate. He is likely to charge you about Rs15/-.

Step 2:

Bring it home, place it on a some sheets of newspaper along with yellow enamel paint (preferably matte)

Step 3:

Proceed to paint. Ideally one would mix turpentine with the paint, but since we preferred the rough edged effect, we chose to just slather the paint on. Step 4:

Watch paint dry. (We really did)

Step 5:

Once it’s dry, put some books in. (But you knew this one, didn’t you?)

Material Girls’ Tip: We chose yellow because we love all things bright. But you could choose any colour that you think suits your room’s personality. For instance, off-white would look great as well, so would aquamarine. In fact, even if you left the crate bare it would look beautifully rough edged and create a very desirable ‘distressed’ finish. You could also mount this crate onto your wall and use it as a tiny curio shelf.

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One Response to Two Material Girls and a Mango Crate

  1. sameena says:

    thanks alot material girls for the bookshelves idea i too like to do alot of recycling projects but i never get company to do them nice to see both of u doing it together hope to see many of your creations soon all the best

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